We Play for Keeps is comprised of DAOC's finest. We play together. We win together. We play for keeps together. This is the premier alliance. There are tons of Alliances, but what they lack is quality members and guilds with drive and focus. We aim to change that. By having guilds in our alliance who share our same mindset, our core values, and focus, we can strive to achieve the greatest alliance on the server, and make a major impact on the realm. We will be the driving force for our realm.


You must agree to and abide by the following rules of conduct. We hold our members to the highest standards. As a member of our alliance you are expected to meet them as well.

Fair Play
This should go without saying, but don't cheat, and play fair.
Be respectful to people inside and outside of the alliance, you represent all of us.
Golden Rule
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Common Sense
Religious, racial, political, and sexual comments are very likely to hurt, anger or offend others. There is no place for that. We are all responsible for ourselves but GMs and Officers will be held responsible for enforcing these rules during interactions.


All guilds in the We Play for Keeps alliance are expected to abide by the following rules and policies.


A GM or Alliance Officer of a guild must submit an application through the link below. All questions must be filled out or the application will not be considered. Guilds with less than 8 active members will not be considered. Your application will be discussed with the GMs and Officers and a decision will be sent privately through the email provided.

Probationary Period

All new guilds to the alliance will be under a 30 day probationary period from the time of invite. During this probationary period there will be a variety of factors that will be considered. These include participation in-game, the conduct of your members, and also your guild's reputation and actions.

GM and Officer Responsiblity

You must ensure your entire guild agrees to the Rules of Conduct listed above. GMs/Officers are required (all members highly encouraged) to join our alliance discord server and post representing their guild. Someone representing your guild should be checking the discord news and alliance chat every few days for discussions or events that may be affecting your guild.


Guilds are expected to maintain at least 8 active members. This does not mean 8 members online all the time. This simply means at least 8 members who log on regularly. Guild activity will be checked on the herald and inactive guilds will be removed after 30 days. If you are facing removal for lack of members, you can discuss merging with our guild with our GM or Chief Alliance Officer.

Violation of Rules and Policies

All members in the alliance are expected to understand and agree to the rules. Violations should be reported to Guild and Alliance leaders or posted in discord. A discussion about the offense will take place and an action decided. If it becomes necessary to remove a Guild from the alliance due to one or a few, they will not be allowed back in until the internal issue has been resolved.

Alliance Chat

Alliance Chat is to be considered PG13. Religious, political, and profane comments or discussions will not be tolerated. Sexual innuendo or remarks that are sexual in nature are prohibited. Arguing of any kind will not be permitted. A guild leader or member within the guild is expected to demote someone who is violating these rules to a rank that cannot participate in alliance chat until they can be spoken to and/or removed from the guild.