Our membership process is simple. All it requires is your interest to join us. Fill out the application and once submitted, we will review it and get back with you through email or in-game. You can do a /who We Play in game and ask any member for information or how they're enjoying the guild.

After you've been invited to the guild, you are on a trial membership. It is your responsibility to make yourself known, meet some other members, and represent us in a positive manner. All we ask at this point is for you to consider if you are truly wanting to join the team and become a valuable member. The trial period is known as "Initiate" rank in the guild, and typically lasts 1-2 weeks, but varies on participation and online time. Once the trial period is up, if you've decide that you'd like to stay in the guild, we will promote you up to full member. Once you are a full member, we have a few expectations:

  • Discord - You need to have Discord for guild communications. It is a vital tool for relaying information.
  • Guild chat/discord chat - We are all adults so just use your head. Don't make anyone feel uncomfortable or argue. Do NOT talk about religion or politics in guild chat or discord.
  • Contribute - This can be sharing knowledge, donating, starting and joining guild groups, and actively searching for guildmates when you have an open spot.
  • Don't abuse Guildmates - We're all for some ribbing and joking in guild chat, but don't beg for money or try to extort members for powerleveling.
  • Fair Play - This should go without saying, but don't cheat, and play fair.
  • Respect - Be respectful to people inside and outside of the guild, you represent all of us.
  • Represent - Represent us! Once you've become a full member, proudly wear our emblem and let it be known that you play for keeps.