About Us

We are a mature, competitive, but relaxed group of players who enjoy joking around in guild chat as much as focused XP groups and RvR. We are looking for more active players to group up, help each other out, and enjoy all aspects of DAOC together. Almost all of us played launch DAOC and came back for the nostalgia. We have all types of people in our guild interested in all facets of the game. Ultimately we are an RvR focused guild.


Our History

What started as a small group of strangers grouping together, became a group of friends, became a guild. We formed We Play for Keeps on Feb. 2nd, 2017, on the Uthgard server in Albion. Our basic philosophy, core values, and determination gave us the opportunity to eventually become the #1 RP Guild in Albion, with more than 15 million RPs between us and the 2nd highest RP guild. A month after forming the guild, we decided to form the We Play for Keeps Alliance. Starting out with just one other guild, Eagle Guard (who became the #4 RP Guild in Albion), we formed the Alliance and eventually became the largest, strongest, and longest-standing Alliance on Uthgard. We will make an impact. We play for keeps.